The Place invites travelers and tourists to the welcoming suites of the Eco-Luxury Bed and Breakfast in Rome. At The Place, we think that everyone, with small gestures, can play their part in safeguarding our home, namely, planet! That's why, in addition to the goal of making you feel at home without ever giving up on the comforts of a high-quality hostel, we want to focus all our attention in the green perspective of respecting health and the environment.

The vocation of welcoming of The Place allows its guests to savor the Italian style at its essence. At the Place, you will find all the ingredients of the dolce vita that characterize Italy, from our warm and tailored suites, to its position in Rome, near the ancient roots and the great italian spirituality.
Extracting the best out of Italian quality, The Place creates a profoundly unique atmosphere of refinement and style. At The Place, our desire is to offer far more than what you need or expect, both in terms of space, quality, attention and inspiration, while respecting privacy and individuality.